Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


Erik's Weekly Note - Vacation Saving

The school year is rapidly coming to a close and the school seems to have LOTS of extra things for us to pay for! Be that as it may, I am here to remind you to please either begin to or continue to save for your next great escape. If you receive direct deposit from your employer then perhaps start a new vacation savings account and siphon a little bit off the top from each paycheck. This has worked well for others especially if it is a nominal amount such as $20.00 per pay period. Or open an Acorns account and opt to have every single purchase “rounded up” and dropped into savings. While you are doing that, remember to daydream about this next adventure. Know the seasonality of the place, know the airfare and hotel rates. Perhaps create a general budget so you are confident in the amount needed to take this adventure. All of these activities will point you to the PERFECT vacation. All you have to do is take it! You got this and as always, I’ve got your back! Have a fantastic week and happy vacation planning!  


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